Aerial Adventure was founded by film producer, Naoise Barry, to create once in a life time experiences, taking clients by land, sea, & air to the most stunningly beautiful film locations in Ireland. Our adventures include private guided helicopter & boat tours, led by former Irish film crew involved in the production of select feature films & TV drama series, including SW VII & VIII. We give our guests an authentic & immersive ‘behind the scenes’ experience they never forget.


In early 2014, Naoise Barry took a Lucasfilm location scout to Skellig Michael for the first time. Naoise went on to coordinate Irish Government support for the making of VII. In 2015 & 2016 he was the production executive in charge of the Irish portion of VIII, whilst working for Pinewood Studios Group, as their Irish Head of Production. In 2017, Naoise founded Aerial Adventure, and now he & his film crew take fans behind the scenes to the Irish locations used in the making of these two extraordinary movies.

Naoise Barry Founder, CEO, & Adventure Guide

“During 25 years in the film business, I’ve taken movie stars, leading directors & Hollywood studio executives on aerial tours, showing them how beautiful Ireland is. Encouraging them to make their movies here.

Now I want to take you on an adventure of a lifetime, behind the scenes, to the most beautiful places in Ireland. Let me take you to the Ireland that JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson fell in love with. The Ireland I love to call home.”

Chris Shields Pilot

Chris flew the camera helicopter on VIII. He also has many other movie credits to his name. He is a highly skilled helicopter pilot, with over 20 years experience. He has an intimate knowledge of Ireland's west coast, its topography & weather.

Suzy Freeney Coordinator

Suzy is the beating heart of Aerial Adventure. She runs the office, listening to client needs, and coordinating their adventures. Her knowledge of Ireland is extraordinary, including the best places to eat, drink & sleep!


The magnificent Skellig Islands lie 8 miles (12 km) off the coast of Portmagee in South West Kerry. Rising majestically from the sea, Skellig Michael, a UNESCO World Heritage site, towers 714ft (218 metres) above sea level. On the summit of this awe inspiring rock you will find a remarkably well-preserved sixth century monastic settlement.

The earliest reference in history to the Skellig Islands dates back to 1400BC. During the time of the Penal Laws in Ireland, Skellig Michael and Little Skellig became a haven for many Catholics whose beliefs and rights were being suppressed. The largest of the Skelligs is Skellig Michael (Sceilg Mhichil) and was home to one of the earliest monastic settlements in Ireland. These monks of St. Fionan’s monastery led simple lives and lived in stone, beehive shaped huts. They would descend the steps early every morning and fish for the morning’s breakfast. They would spend most of the day praying in the church, tending to their gardens and studying. These huts, which were round on the outside and rectangular on the inside, were carefully built so that no drop of rain ever entered between the stones. The monks left the island in the thirteenth century and it became a place of pilgrimage. There is a fantastic wealth of bird life on and around the Skelligs, especially puffins in late spring and gannets on the small Skellig where 23,000 pairs nest on every available ledge making it the second largest gannet colony in the world.